Pipe Replacement Services

Single Family Pipe Replacement

Plumbing Express is the pipe replacement expert for polybutylene, old copper, and corroded galvanized piping. Our expert teams have performed over 85,000 repipes for homeowners and property managers (through SageWater, our sister company specializing in multi-family repipes) over the last 30 years.

Our Process

Plumbing Express has mastered the process of interior and underground home pipe replacement, and offers an efficient turnkey system for replacing piping systems. With a dedicated project manager, we take pride in exceptional project management and respect for your property and for residents’ belongings. For the average home or apartment unit, the pipes are replaced in 1 day, and the entire process takes only 4-5 days.

Our team is made up of highly trained and certified master plumbers, plumbing technicians, drywall experts, carpenters, painters, and other specialists. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

For more detail on our repipe process, visit our Repipe Process page.

Common Single-Family Home Piping Issues:


Polybutylene (poly) piping systems can leak without warning, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Poly systems may break and split over time, due to chemicals in the water supply or age – the older the system, the more likely a problem will occur. Millions of homeowners have had to face poly defects, when burst pipes or property sales problems wreaked havoc on their own home. As a result of the problems and lawsuits, poly was recalled from the market in 1995. However, millions of homes still suffer from leaks and bursts resulting from poly systems. If you believe you have a polybutylene system, leave it to the experts at Plumbing Express to assess, remove, and replace your faulty piping system.

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Aging Copper & Galvanized

Common issues with aging and corroded copper and galvanized piping systems include frequent pinhole leaks resulting from corrosion. As supply systems age, metal pipe corrodes from contaminants and chemicals in the water. The corrosion leads to pitting, pinhole leaks, and can ultimately result in catastrophic failure. If your home contains aging and corroded copper or galvanized pipes, contact us for an estimate.

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